Logitech G1 Mouse Dead…

Few days ago.. I formatted my PC… However, after that, I found that there’s something wrong with my mouse… I can’t right click properly… Sometimes it do responds, sometimes don’t… I thought the problem is from my OS…

I thought it is not a big deal, since only 10% chance I can’t right click properly.. and I don’t play DotA either… so I just leave it… (lazy)…

Until today… I can’t even right click once… It doesn’t even respond no matter how hard I click… I was “wtf”… Found another unknown mouse and replaced it with my G1… dingdong… no problem edi…

conclusion… the problem is not my OS or driver.. it is from my MOUSE !!! So long dude, my dear G1… It served me well.. I love gaming with it… I cleared Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Half Life 2, and much more games… with it.. T.T

Thank you G1…

10 thoughts on “Logitech G1 Mouse Dead…”

  1. T CY says:

    juz spend some $$$ on G9~~

    or low budget stuff, standard RM28 for 1

  2. John says:

    currently using a cheap mouse…. which its respond sux… mayb I’ll get a Logitech MX518 or a cordless for my lappy next time…

  3. Ding says:

    Wakakaka, my G9 is still alive !!!

  4. John says:

    G9 is made for hardcore…

  5. verycurious says:

    may it rest in peace..

  6. John says:

    Verycurious: It will, thanks for your concern T.T

  7. Dalton! says:

    Yeah time to upgrade 😛 go get an MX518, around RM80 if not mistaken, or just go for Razer mice, very good if you ask me. I own a DeathAdder myself, works like a charm.

  8. Eric says:

    Just get another G1

  9. alsogamefan says:

    Hi, John, I use G1 and like G1 very much, I guess u may try to fix it first, for instance, I sometimes DIY my equipment, u can see some DIY photo in my space. Besides, you can open your mouse, and clearn it, I guess it’s not very big problem. good luck!

    please visit
    ( http://alsogamefan.blogspot.com )
    for more detail, software, DIY and sale information.
    You can get your 100% unused new G1.
    let it be yours.
    Have fun~

    1. John says:

      Yeah, i like my G1 so much, especially the feel of using it.

      even though the mouse was broken 1 year ago, but I still keep it. I’ll try to fix it if possible.

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