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Comic Fiesta 2014 - 00
The 12th installment of Malaysia’s largest ACG event – Comic Fiesta is back to town. Brought to you by a group of volunteers vowing to bring ACG convention experience to the Malaysian audience. Unlike any other conventions which I usually stay throughout the WHOLE event. This year however, I never get the chance to attend both full days as I have to attend my colleague’s wedding lunch during the first day. Therefore all of the cosplayer photographs here are taken on the second day of the convention.

Comic Fiesta 2014

もみじ道 by けみ猫 I’m pretty messed up with my blog post’s schedule and stuff. This was suppose to be up 1 month ago, but now we’re already almost 1 month into the Autumn season and most of the show has reach episode 3 or more. Anyhow, thanks to Zana at Neregate for the season’s chart.

2014 Autumn Anime Watchlist

Lately my schedule is jam packed with all sorts of amazing events, which literally means that I have less time to spend on writing. One of the event that I attended is the Force of Will Blogger Event organized by Knight Connections in collaboration with Classroom Cafe. Incoming search terms:forceforce of willforce of will 中文官网日本fow […]

Force of Will