2015 Autumn Anime Watchlist

Upon checking my history posts, I’m kind of shocked that I’ve been doing this seasonal anime watchlist thingy for full 6 years! WOW! Even if no one actually reads my seasonal watchlist but I still do it anyway… Especially when most of the time, the titles

Bon Odori 2015

At Japan, Bon Odori (Obon or Bon) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. In Malaysia however, the celebration is more associated with Japanese culture instead of Buddhism. This would be my third time attending the celebration after my very

AniManGaki 2015

AniManGaki 2015 took place at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre from 29th to 30th August 2015. AniManGaki symbolises the combination of “Anime”, “Manga” (Comic) and “Gaki” (Japanese slang of ‘brat’). The event is established by fans for fans, with the purpose of bringing anime, manga, and

Straight Path

2015 with LX3 – Straight Path

Week 25 of 52 It has been almost half year since I started the LX3 project, to be frank, I cheated for quite some while since last few posts. I lost track of the project and missed a couple of shots.. so yeah.. Anyhow, what’s


2015 with LX3 – Garden

Week 23 of 52 So, last week I mentioned about my new pair of running shoes, so I better put it into good use heh. There are a couple of gardens around my residency area. This particular garden is my favourite because it is more

2015 July

Kickstarting the month with something extra high cholesterol – Morganfield pork ribs. A simple “delicious!” could not do any justice to these magnificently barbecued ribs unless you try it yourself.


2015 with LX3 – Steps

Week 22 of 52 Just got myself a new pair of running shoes after my trusty multipurpose training shoes ran out of commission. I wasn’t expecting it to last for 3 years cause I bought it for just around MYR60, speaking of bang-for-buck! Nowadays, I