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Ducky DK9008S Shining Mechanical Keyboard 10

Ducky DK-9008S - 01


A computer keyboard, apart from being a place to keep your food crumbs, its primary function is to allow you to input text or commands into the computer.

Our keyboard “guest” today would be something that rarely known by commoners out there, a brief history should keep those question marks away from their head.

There was two types of keyboards when computer keyboard was introduced back in 80s – one is mechanical keyboard and the other one is membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboard produces loud “clack clack” sound when you type and is superbly good to use but expensive to produce, while membrane keyboard is totally opposite.¬†Sooner or later, rubber dome keyboards was invented, because of lower cost to produce along with good usability, quickly, it became more popular than its older brothers.¬†Despite rubber dome keyboards dominated the market, membrane keyboards are still being used on low cost systems, and mechanical keyboards are still being used by several industries and among enthusiast users.

Why mechanical keyboard? This leaves everything to the user’s preference. I would generally divide them into 3 groups of different thoughts:

  1. The first group thinks that all the keyboards are the same, one does not need to pay extra for flashy gaming keyboard or mechanical keyboard. They would feel satisfied with their RM20 keyboard as long as the keyboard works flawlessly.
  2. The second group thinks that keyboards only worth to pay for the premium price if it comes with unique features such as LED lights, macro keys, media control, *coughgamingfeaturecough* and etc.
  3. Lastly, the third group thinks interacting with a computer is a critical procedure and the keyboard must be of best of the best, no matter the build quality or feature in order to deliver maximum user experience.

The mechanical keyboards are for the folks in group 3.

Today, we’re featuring a “duck” in our quick review – Ducky DK9008S Shine mechanical keyboard.

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