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Logitech Performance Mouse M950

Logitech M950 - 01


I’ve been using Logitech’s PC peripherals since I got my Logitech G1 desktop combo when I was 11.

My father was so furious of my purchase because the desktop combo costs RM100+ at that time.

A lot money hor? Keyboard and mouse need RM100.

Instead of any cheapo desktop sets, the G1 desktop combo gave me an unprecedented experience of using a set of proper keyboard and mouse. Hence, I’ve been using Logitech’s keyboard and mouse since then.

This time I think I went a little bit too far – RM289 for just a mouse…

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Logitech M185

Logitech M185 - 06


When wireless mouse debuted for commercial users back then, the price was sky high. But, now you could get one for less than RM50.

This mouse costs only RM40 from All IT with promotion – free mini mouse mat (I assume it costs around RM5 – 10). Super best buy, and I instantly got it for my girlfriend who lost her mouse few weeks ago.

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