Once a hundred years, Happy 10s.

Took this photo this morning. 10:10AM (UTC +8).

Do you know about the Worldwide Moment??

If no, there’s still around 5hours left until 10:10AM UTC time. Feel free to take part in it.

Malaysia time would be 6:10PM.

Check your region’s time.

Here’s a video involves LOTS of 10s. XD

2 thoughts on “10s”

  1. Modnar says:

    What makes this even cooler is the fact that next year it’ll 11.11.11 and the year after that we have 12.12.12 😛
    Gotta love consecutive numbers 😀

  2. Samejima / Junn Tan says:

    AH yes… 10.10.10..
    all I know is that one of our airlines here is putting up a Php10.00 (USD1 – Php44.00) promo for domestic flights and Php 1,010.00 for int’l flights.. mostly sold out within the day.

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