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My Experience with Transcend StoreJet Cloud as a Photographer

The camera quality on smartphones these days have been getting a lot better. Frankly speaking, I am taking a lot more photographs on a smartphone because the best camera is the one I have with me. Hence, data storage is extremely important for us photographers

Bon Odori 2015

At Japan, Bon Odori (Obon or Bon) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. In Malaysia however, the celebration is more associated with Japanese culture instead of Buddhism. This would be my third time attending the celebration after my very

Straight Path

2015 with LX3 – Straight Path

Week 25 of 52 It has been almost half year since I started the LX3 project, to be frank, I cheated for quite some while since last few posts. I lost track of the project and missed a couple of shots.. so yeah.. Anyhow, what’s

Standing Out

2015 with LX3 – Standing Out

Week 24 of 52 This was taken during a stroll around my┬áresidential area. I’m sort of surprised that there’s such a large undeveloped area over here.


2015 with LX3 – Garden

Week 23 of 52 So, last week I mentioned about my new pair of running shoes, so I better put it into good use heh. There are a couple of gardens around my residency area. This particular garden is my favourite because it is more


2015 with LX3 – Steps

Week 22 of 52 Just got myself a new pair of running shoes after my trusty multipurpose training shoes ran out of commission. I wasn’t expecting it to last for 3 years cause I bought it for just around MYR60, speaking of bang-for-buck! Nowadays, I

Sun Bleached

2015 with LX3 – Sun Bleached

Week 21 of 52 The curtains in my room has suffered discoloration thanks to the sun. If East and West are 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively, my window would be facing at 8 o’clock. That means my room get to enjoy the superbly powerful

Living with Pets

2015 with LX3 – Living with Pets

Week 20 of 52 Do you have pets at home? The master tenant of the house I currently living has 2 dogs staying at the porch. They could be friendly most of the times but occasionally, they would go into some sort of mental state


2015 with LX3 – Billiards

Week 19 of 52 I must admit that, I have bought a graphics card along with a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC. That explains why I have been missing from the blog for around 1 month. Procrastination at it’s best.