Miku Expo 2017 Malaysia

Miku Expo 2017 Coming to Malaysia

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Miku Expo 2017 press conference which held at TGV Cinemas, One Utama yesterday. The press conference answers quite a number of questions that I had when they first revealed the news.

Bon Odori 2017

Back to another year of Bon Odori. This year we are lucky to have great sunny weather and that definitely contributes to the larger crowd over here at Stadium Matsushita. Best of all, the fireworks are back and I have to say it was amazing

Neregate closes down on April 13th

If you’re my regular visitor, then you should be knowing that previously I’ve been posting about my planned anime watchlist for the seasonal anime based on the anime chart provided by Uncle Zana from Neregate. Imagine how my heart sank when I read the title

Pay Back What You Owe

I had the idea of writing this for quite some time, but never really gave it a go until today. This is about the student loan fiasco that we had for quite some time in Malaysia. Regarding how the ex-students are avoiding payment of their

Moving Forward

It has been 3 months since I left my previous company to embark on my own journey. Spent the first month sorting out the post-stress condition while preparing for the road ahead. Then it was a struggle to pull me together trying to make the

New Phase

New Phase of Life

First, I must say my appreciation to all of you who reads this post, especially those who has been following me closely for the past few years. THANK YOU for your support on my humble little blog. Despite the fact that I have left this

Event Information: Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016

KONNICHIWA! COME EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC ANIME DELIGHTS AT ANIMAX CARNIVAL MALAYSIA 2016 KUALA LUMPUR, 20 February 2016 – Get set to be electrified, as Malaysia’s most exciting and anticipated anime and Japanese pop culture convention – Animax Carnival Malaysia 2016 is back! Organized by Asia’s top

2016 Winter Anime Watchlist

It’s that time again for my seasonal anime watchlist update. 2015 has been a hectic year in my work life and I literary lost quite a chunk of my free time to it. Luckily, the anime lineup for last year was very well distributed throughout