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Pay Back What You Owe

I had the idea of writing this for quite some time, but never really gave it a go until today. This is about the student loan fiasco that we had for quite some time in Malaysia. Regarding how the ex-students are avoiding payment of their

Moving Forward

It has been 3 months since I left my previous company to embark on my own journey. Spent the first month sorting out the post-stress condition while preparing for the road ahead. Then it was a struggle to pull me together trying to make the

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Passing score is 90 over 180, and I manage to pass this paper with 96 over 180. I totally cannot brain how is this happening…

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Desk Diary 20121124 – Comment Rant

It’s been almost a year since my last desk diary entry. By the way, I’ve been writing less and less than before. Not sure whether if I’m bored with it or there’s nothing to write about. Today, while I was checking the list of comments,

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You guys should know that I had my internship during my last trimester. Pictured is the management staff of Avenue Pixel. In case you want to know what the company does – Web & multimedia solution provider, more info here. From January until May, roughly

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Desk Diary 20120111: Internship

Started my internship at Petaling Jaya, and I’m living at my uncle’s house at Shah Alam. So I’m having a regular KL salaryman’s life (or rather my own). the formula: Sun comes up Wake up go to work spend 1 hour on 16km trip, that’s

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Out of Luck

When you thought assignment dues + practical test combo in the same week were tormenting, I had extra doses of “awesomeness” when my car and my PC decided to stop working in the way they should be.

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Quick Journal 02

Is attending a soft skill workshop entitled – “Commercial Crime”.

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Quick Journal 01

Starting a new series called as “Quick Journal” to replace the old “Week’O” series. I suppose I’ll use this series to post up some random thing. Anyway, let me explain the reason of my absence from my blog.. Everything starts during my semester break…. I’m back