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My Experience with Transcend StoreJet Cloud as a Photographer

The camera quality on smartphones these days have been getting a lot better. Frankly speaking, I am taking a lot more photographs on a smartphone because the best camera is the one I have with me. Hence, data storage is extremely important for us photographers

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Armaggeddon Phantom Gaming Mouse

If you guys are aware of the sample products displayed at the gaming section such as gaming keyboards and gaming mice, I’m sure most of you would’ve noticed the brand called Armaggeddon. Compared to other popular gaming brand, Armaggeddon is relatively young in Malaysia’s market, particularly

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Rosewill RK-9000 Mechanical Keyboard

Intro Today we have a Rosewill RK-9000 in house. Before we get started, allow me to briefly go through what is a mechanical keyboard. The term, mechanical keyboard, as the name suggests, it is a keyboard consists of mechanical switches under each individual keys. Imagine

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Death of Google Reader?

As always, I started my day with my daily dose of Google Reader fest. Right after loading up the web app, I was greeted by a message stating that Google Reader will be unavailable after 1st July, 2013. I was shocked by the notification, and

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Intro I still remember, the very first time when I purchased a pair of expensive headphones. I was 15 and for me a RM100 headphones are considered high end stuff. It was a rather ordinary headphone by Philips – SHP2700, but then I think I

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SilverStone Temjin TJ08-E

I’ve been using Lancool PC-K62 mid-tower case for almost three years, and I must say that carrying around a heavy steel case including all the innards is killing me. Unless we’re talking about cases made of aluminium, otherwise, they’d just get heavier especially those full

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Project 3470 Update

Update from my previous post where I mentioned on a new PC building project. The naming of the project comes from the processor model number – Intel Core i5-3470 – Since I don’t plan on extreme overclocking, I went for economic build, taking the regular i5

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Project 3470

It’s been nearly 3 years after the completion of my current PC – Project 955. It went through quite a number of updates, like the most recent SSD and GPU update. But that PC is one hell of heavy bastard. The case itself weights about 10KG, haven’t

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Vortex POKER Mechanical Keyboard

Intro Since I have only little knowledge on the China’s mechanical keyboard community, as much as I know is Vortex designed and manufactured this keyboard while KBC being a community that helps to distribute the end product. Originates from a China forum which a group

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Ducky DK9008 G2 PBT version Mechanical Keyboard

Intro DK9008 G2 is Ducky’s top of the line flagship model which uses Cherry MX switches. It features USB NKRO and what not, the one we have here today is PBT edition. This means the stock key caps are made of PBT instead of cheaper