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2015 December

Hold your horses Hulk, December is coming to an end. Before we proceed with the photos, firstly, I want to thank all my blog readers for your support, without you I won’t be writing at all. Secondly, I have to apologize if I ever offended

2015 November

I am suppose to upload the December’s post today… Don’t worry, I’ll do both just to make sure things are done.

2015 October

First, about the LX3 project – it is officially halted. Why? I had my priorities shifted… I’ve been handed with an important project on my desk job. Me being dumb and inexperienced is currently facing unprecedented amount of responsibilities on the job role.

2015 September

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on my day job instead of doing photography or chasing back my anime backlogs. A mission impossible was handed over to me and I have no choice but to make a miracle out of nothing. Hey at least we’re doing

2015 August

Emo cat is emo. She’s been gazing out of the window throughout the whole time. Sigh…

2015 July

Kickstarting the month with something extra high cholesterol – Morganfield pork ribs. A simple “delicious!” could not do any justice to these magnificently barbecued ribs unless you try it yourself.

2015 June

Photo taken at the indoor sports centre of Malaysian Bible Seminary. It was established in 1978 and you can obviously notice it from the retro style of the buildings and facilities.

2015 May

I had this post in my draft for almost a month. One should never ever underestimate the force of procrastination.

2015 April

Pre-GST laptop shopping lol. The official implementation of the Goods and Services Tax has caused quite a buzz in the market especially the end consumers. No comment on how the government will utilise the collected funds if you know what I mean. We as a consumer,

yee sang

2015 March

As I’m writing this post, looking at the photos taken during the month gave me a feeling as if March has being a really long month. Yeah, we’re in April and still get to see lunar new year related photos. – Yee Sang during company’s