2010 August

2010 August - 01

The end of August also marks my semester has come an end… Yeap, finals are coming!!!

All the photos in this post are taken with LX3.

2010 August - 02

The month kick-started with a carnival at my hometown. An event jointly organized by local satelite television station, ASTRO, and Chinese newspaper agency, Nan Yang Daily.

It is a kind of touring carnival that only organize at certain famous villages around the country. Certainly, Sitiawan’s Kampung Koh is one of it, being pioneered since 103 years ago. Yeah, I’m proud of it.

Will write up a post for this real soon.

2010 August - 03

Of course, charity sales is a common thing for this kind of event.

Oh, by the way, the event took place at my primary school… It sure brings back lots of memory.

2010 August - 04

The basketball hoop looks so short…

2010 August - 05

Back to base…

2010 August - 06

Wife Cake… kind of traditional snack.

2010 August - 07

I don’t know why this version of wife cake is thin-flat..

2010 August - 08

But… still yummylicious =)

2010 August - 09

Did I mention about how my mom took possession of my PC speakers, leaving me a pair headphones..

Well, got this set of 5.1 speakers system at a nice price. Will write up a simple review of this system soon. ^^

2010 August - 10


2010 August - 11


2010 August - 12

A certain assignment report decoration project…

Got the knot book to choose an appropriate knot to decorate our report.

2010 August - 13


2010 August - 14

Once a scout, forever a scout.

2010 August - 15

Saw a random sketch at school..

Looks like Tamaki from Bamboo Blade.

2010 August - 16

On our way to school.

2010 August - 17

You can’t see me~

2010 August - 18

The weather…… Not good for us cyclists.

2010 August - 19

by Chef – HuiHui

2010 August - 21

by Chef – JiaYi

2010 August - 20

Assignment presentation…

2010 August - 22

Cleaning my PC’s fan filter grill.

2010 August - 23

In the computer lab.

2010 August - 24


2010 August - 25

2010 August - 26

2010 August - 27

I wish my girlfriend is as cool as her.

2010 August - 28

Data Communications and Networking take-home mid term test.

Yes, you have 3 days to finish your test and you’re free to copy from everywhere… Only if the answer you copy is correct… ><

Such a tormenting test..

2010 August - 29

Empty lecture hall.

2010 August - 30

2010 August - 31

“Say no to discrimination” on the board.

Before our class, there was an anti-discrimination talk.

2010 August - 32

Full house for Data Comm & Networking class.

Passing up our mid term paper.

2010 August - 33


Photos taken by ShinYen.

2010 August - 34

2010 August - 35

Before our presentation…

2010 August - 36


2010 August - 37

Mom and Sis making Choco-tarts~~ Yummy~~

2010 August - 38

2010 August - 39

My bro is so obsessed with Lynn Minmay.

Not my fault tho….

2010 August - 40

Spotted Amagami SS girl, Morishima Haruka, on newspaper…

The news article has nothing to do with it…

perhaps one of the editors is otaku too~

2010 August - 41

1 Malaysia.

It’s independence month, and how pathetic to see all the racial issues are being brought up once again…

People, Politics, Racial… They just can’t get along well…

Lots of people just blog/facebook about how they hate a certain group of people, as if they’re justice. If you want to justify, please, for everyone’s sake, be Neutral and Rational, not Anger.

The way you act/talk represents not only your personality, but everything that related to you, even your family and friends.

Rest assured, I have no further intention of taking those political or racial rants to my blog. Haters are just gonna waste their life hating each others.

2010 August - 42

Sorry if I ruined your mood, here’s you share of Mini Popiah~

om nom nom nom.

2010 August - 43

As always, meet up with some friends.

2010 August - 44

Left 4 Dead 2 tournament coming soon….

We won the L4D tournament last year by luck, not sure if we gonna take part in this year’s L4D2’s tournament or not…

L4D2 is totally different level… Survivors are hard to play..

2010 August - 45

My friend’s 8600GT left lying around… I picked it up for my PC (code name, Hitagi) as a Physx card.

2010 August - 46

Need to study for my finals… I wanna score well, perhaps I could get random rewards from my parents, such as a trip to AFA 2010 at Singapore on 13-14 Nov 2010..

Perhaps that concludes this post.. hope you enjoyed the photos.

7 thoughts on “2010 August”

  1. MikeD says:

    Hey John, I did indeed enjoy the pictures.
    The Carnival pics were neat. The Pics of your
    Mom and Sis were cool. They were all great.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. ckneoh says:

    nice photo shearing

  3. lyng says:

    i wan the chocolate tart…….

  4. Kyle says:

    I want a wife cake…im curious what they taste like o.o.

    I will be looking forward to your thoughts on the Logitech speakers. I recently had to purchase a new set of speakers and ended up getting a Vizio Soundbar for my laptop. My one issue is that I miss the bass from the Subwoofer I had.

    Great pics! I enjoyed this post.

  5. MikeD says:

    A Wife cake? Hm
    And how do you know it tastes like a wife??
    And Whose???

  6. JasonT says:

    Study hard! And go AFA2010!

  7. John says:

    @MikeD LOL, I only know that it is called as “Wife Cake” because based on a folktale, a guy recognized the taste of this cake, which her wife specialized in, and found his long lost wife.

    @Kyle well, it’s sweetish.. sort of wintermelon-like taste..

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