2010 December

2010 December - 01

The final entry of monthly journal for year 2010.

Didn’t took much photo because of the exam mood.. You know, you just can’t enjoy the fun of photography to its fullest during that period.

and there’s one day, I suddenly went cycling around my housing area eventually I cycle to west lake. It’s been a while since I last get onto my bike, and I enjoyed that short trip.

2010 December - 02

The hostel for the students which I think its just another money making conspiracy.

You see, the houses are built like ordinary house that sold to public. Because if they failed to make money from the students, at least they could remodel the interior and sell it to public.

2010 December - 03

Kampar Westlake, a man-made lake results from the tin mining activity decades ago.

2010 December - 04

2010 December - 05

My campus is just across the lake.

2010 December - 06

2010 December - 07

2010 December - 08

Folks having their great time fishing at the lake.

2010 December - 09

2010 December - 10

2010 December - 11

Westlake garden.

2010 December - 12

Into the garden.

2010 December - 13

2010 December - 14

2010 December - 15

2010 December - 16

2010 December - 17

2010 December - 18

2010 December - 19

a translation of the poem that describes the beauty of Westlake. FYI, “Xi Shi” was one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China.

In the sun, the lake water shimmers beautifully,In the rain, the misty mountains stand majestically.West Lake when compared to “Xi Shi“,Either dressed up or unadorned, is the greatest beauty that will ever be.

2010 December - 20

2010 December - 21

The sun sets, and I have to get home before dark.

2010 December - 21-5

2010 December - 22

all photos taken with my Lumi-chan (LX3).

2010 December - 23

Some friends came visit, and they brought along their guinea pigs along.

Sad case that I heard that one of them died because of certain disease.

2010 December - 24

Hello there.

2010 December - 25

2010 December - 26

Don’t have enough arms and legs to get the new PG Strike Freedom, but I still have the MG version.

2010 December - 27

Having rice dumplings while celebrating Winter Solstice.

2010 December - 28

My friends came to Kampar to visit us and we went on a road trip to Tanjung Tualang to try the famous fresh water seafood.

2010 December - 29

Big prawns.

2010 December - 30

2010 December - 31


2010 December - 32

Hehe, free advertising. Read a few review that this restaurant serves awesome fresh water seafood.

I live near at the sea, and seafood is nothing unfamiliar to me, but fresh water seafood?

2010 December - 33

Dinosaurs, just you know why.

2010 December - 34


2010 December - 35


Fresh water seafood is indeed delicious, but in my opinion, the sea-breed original seafood tastes a lot better. Because the fish, prawns and crabs grow naturally? Perhaps..

2010 December - 36

2 of my best friends.

2010 December - 37

Christmas at home~.

2010 December - 37-5

2010 December - 38

Done setting up, my temporary work area.

2010 December - 39

New Year Eve, decided to have a barbecue party at our friend, Teh’s place.

2010 December - 40

Sorry that the photos are bad because lack of lighting and I don’t like harsh flash.

2010 December - 41

Teh’s brother’s car. Thanks to him, we have awesome “disco” BBQ party.

2010 December - 42

2010 December - 43

Dead animals.

2010 December - 44

2010 December - 45

2010 December - 46

There goes 2010 December…

It also marks the end of the year 2010.

Happy New Year, Cheers. (no, that is not alcoholic drink.)

10 thoughts on “2010 December”

  1. MikeD says:

    Good Pics John. The lake is beautiful. I liked pic 37 a lot, the
    Christmas tree and fish tank. You and your friends devoured
    that meal. LOL Great to see all these.

  2. Ricky says:

    Is this in China? I’m jealous of the seafood haha.

  3. John says:

    MikeD: =D

    Ricky: Nope, this is in Malaysia~

  4. Samejima / Junn Tan says:

    Nice photos again John. I can still remember how fun Web Site Dev’t subject was.. making projects till the early dawn. :3

    1. John says:

      yeah, so true. We spent around 3days and rushed overnight to complete the project.. LOL

  5. MikeD says:

    To be honest I wish I was there. It’s supposed to
    be 26c there and it’s currently -8c here.
    I’m getting too old for the cold. ;o)

    1. John says:

      -8c !! That’s cold… I can’t handle that O.o

      1. MikeD says:

        Me either that’s why I want to be there. LOL
        or any where warm.

  6. JasonT says:

    I see SCANDAL in your desktop… am i right?
    Wohoo nice photos John. Using RAW?

    1. John says:

      yep, that’s SCANDAL.

      nope, using JPEG.. lazy to process the RAW files. lol

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