2011 September

2011 September - 01

Super late September entry…

Part of the reason is because I’ve being lazy during the holiday…

Photos taken are from my hometown’s Lantern Festival (Mooncake Festival).

2011 September - 02

Dragon Dance

2011 September - 03

The lion head for Lion Dance.

2011 September - 04

2011 September - 05

Not qualified as loli.

2011 September - 06

Stage action.

2011 September - 07

2011 September - 08

2011 September - 09

I’ve left my Lumi-chan aside for quite some while.

In fact, it’s like losing the motivation to shoot with her since the battery start to discharge faster than ever..

even worst, I’m so despo for a DSLR…

Today I just got extra batteries for her, and I have shooting event on this Saturday. Hope that I could get back those shooting feelings…

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