2012 December

2012 December - 01

Starting off the month with 2012 December’s JLPT examination. I was lucky that I passed the JLPT N5 during the July’s session, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I try out my luck in N4 at the end of the year.

Compared with N5, I doubt that lady luck is with me this time.

Are you interested in learning Japanese?

2012 December - 02

Went to Low Yat Plaza and picked up a wireless Xbox 360 controller for Windows. Great for some PC games as well as PS2 emulator.

Was planning to get the wired controller because it is cheaper and I don’t need to feed it batteries, but couldn’t found it throughout the whole plaza. I guess they have higher profit margin if they sell the wireless version.

2012 December - 03

Other than the controller, I also bought a new power supply for my PC because the current 5-year-old power supply started acting weird and causes other hardware to fail.

Seasonic G Series 550W, Gold rated efficiency. Compared to the company’s higher end Gold rated X series PSU, G series is like poor man’s Gold label.

2012 December - 04

Got this set of precision screwdriver as well.

I’ve been into PC building all these years but I never had a proper set of tools…

2012 December - 05

Trip to Cameron Highlands after my finals.

It was a good place for chilling out, other than that there’s nothing really special about that place other than fresh fruits, vegetables and tea.

2012 December - 06

Strawberries are just average, but since it is quite rare due to our country’s climate, hence the locals see them as some kind of alien fruit.

They would buy anything that is related to strawberries such as jam, dried product, juice and even plush toys. I bet the foreigners are amused to see that.

2012 December - 07

There’s cactus farm as well.

2012 December - 08

2012 December - 09

Attended my first ever Comic Fiesta, Malaysia’s Comiket (comic market).

Comic Fiesta’s main attraction is the doujin circles, where talented illustrators and artists presenting and selling their artworks, manga and other sorts of artistic stuff.

More photos here.

2012 December - 10

2012 December - 11

Culture Japan Night, a networking event organized by Danny Choo in order to bring like-minded people together and get to know each other.

I arrived pretty late and there’s still loads of people around.

Manage to talk to a few people there, it was kinda awkward when I try to start a conversation with someone. Nevertheless, I met a mobile app company’s co-founder and talked quite a bit of his company and applications.

2012 December - 12

Lucky enough to meet Dato Jimmy Choo after a few minutes arriving.

Yeah, I know, what is going on with my hair style.

2012 December - 13

Of course not to forget to take a photo with Danny Choo himself.

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