2012 January

2012 January - 01

Yeah, 2012 first monthly photo journal.

Sorry being late, this time I’m not being lazy though, instead I’m genuinely being busy with my internship, hence I need more time to process and compile the photos.

If any of you wondered how I’m doing with my internship, everything went perfectly fine =D except some minor problems here and there. =/

2012 January - 02

I’m living at my uncle’s house for the time being. And my cousins celebrated my 21st birthday.

2012 January - 03

Love this photo.

2012 January - 04

Then, it was Chinese New Year, the most awesome occasion of the year.

2012 January - 05

2012 January - 06

Just you know why it’s the most awesome occasion of the year.

  • Going back to hometown – You actually don’t know how wonderful your home is until you start studying or working far away from home.
  • Family Gathering – The only time of the year where everyone put down their work / studies and have a great gathering.
  • Food – enough said
  • Ang Pow (Red packets / Red envelopes) – Monetary gift symbolizes good luck and ward of evil spirits, given by older folks to younger generations
  • Fire Crackers – explosives lol

2012 January - 07

Of course politicians also join the fun. We had quite a number of Chinese New Year celebration event throughout the CNY period.

2012 January - 08

And the event is always full of people coming for free food. Sitiawan people don’t have enough food to eat ka?

2012 January - 09

At my favourite seafood restaurant.

2012 January - 10

In before the end of Chinese New Year, our prime minister is kind enough to come to this small town of Sitiawan to celebrate Chinese New Year. I must say, there’s LOADS of people. especially the food section.

2012 January - 11

Not cosplay, reason? They’ve no passion in their job.

2012 January - 12

Lion Dance – They made into Malaysia Book of Records with a total of 250 lion dance troupes.

2012 January - 13

Live news broadcast.

2012 January - 14

Malaysian… please la.

2012 January - 15

Just you wonder why I didn’t include any photo of my job, its because I didn’t brought my Lumi-chan. However, I do have several photos taken with my phone. The quality of course is not as good as what we have here. Anyhow, I’ll try to take more photos of my life at KL.

All photos taken by Lumi-chan (Panasonic LX3).

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