2012 July

2012 July - 01

Kick start the month of July with Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Never heard of JLPT? It is a standard language proficiency test for non-native speakers. JLPT spans 5 levels where N5 denotes basic language abilities to N1 which denotes advance language abilities.

I signed up for N5 because it is my first JLPT test and I have no idea how difficult it is. Not sure if you have to pass N5 before taking N4, but from the registration procedure, it seems you don’t need to. By the way, I didn’t manage to finish my study because I was slacking off all of the time. There’s quite a lot of questions I couldn’t answer or finish in time. Please just let me pass.

2012 July - 02

It rained quite a lot during the month.

2012 July - 03

A pond in my campus.

2012 July - 04

Grabbing some fried banana and curry puff after school.

2012 July - 05

Car pool with my friends because I didn’t get the seasonal parking pass. I wonder how does the ballot works, I’ve been missing the pass for 3 consecutive semesters.

2012 July - 06

Got myself another desk.

2012 July - 07

My school decided to put 2 bronze sculpture resemblingĀ Confucius and Einstein playing board game.

2012 July - 08


2012 July - 09

Took part in the 2nd UTAR run which spans 12KM around UTAR campus and Kampar town.

2012 July - 10

End of the run. Still manage to get a finishing medal .

2012 July - 11

Went to a website design competition at Shah Alam (no photos), ETS train ride back to Kampar.

2012 July - 12

Sugarless oolong tea. Tastes a bit weird tho, still prefer the traditional oolong tea.

2012 July - 15

Bazar Ramadan is not to be missed during Ramadan month where all sorts of traditional delicacies being sold.

2012 July - 13


2012 July - 14

Lemang – glutinous rice and coconut milk cooked in hollowed bamboo.

2012 July - 16

BBQ seafood.

2012 July - 17


2012 July - 18

Anyhow, I wish I have more time to go around shooting other than doing research and typing reports. Seriously, I’ve been busy with my final year project and assignments since the end of June. UTAR is such a slave driver. =.=

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