2012 June

2012 June - 01

Having finished our internship, we’re back to Kampar to continue with our degree course as final year student.

Almost forgot about Kampar’s life after a few months of absence.

2012 June - 02

If you ask me whether having a job or study is better… Many people will say – life as a student is much more enjoyable.┬áLess stress and whatsoever..

But I’d rather say how you compares them. Each and every people have totally different way in perceiving what’s best for them. I’ve seen some love their job so much and you’ll never heard any job rants from them.

2012 June - 03

Fat hamster.

2012 June - 04

Just a stick.

2012 June - 05

Attended a 1-day seminar on successful negotiation. Pretty good I must say, teaches us on how to negotiate with others so that we wouldn’t ended up with fist fights. Theoretically lol..

Simulation is good, but one thing I don’t like about the presenter is that during the hands on.. we’re pretty much bounded by her own mindset’s scripts. It’s like she expect us must do this and that, if not, something like “doom will befall upon us” will happen.

2012 June - 06

My small room.

2012 June - 07

So I moved to a bigger room.

2012 June - 08

That’s how I move my table from one room to another. (Lazy man’s method)

2012 June - 09

Clearing up everything.

2012 June - 10

New room.

2012 June - 11

2012 June - 12

Got my bike repaired. I still love cycling.

2012 June - 13

Routing the landline to my room. Another cable mess.

2012 June - 14

Heading to KL.

2012 June - 15

for Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (AFAMY).

More pictures: [Day 1] [Day 2]

2012 June - 16

Grabbed a few cheap parts for my PC.

Like this clearance sales Radeon HD6950 graphics card.

2012 June - 17

and this Crucial M4 128GB as OS drive.

2012 June - 18

Friend got HTC One X.

2012 June - 20

Worked as helper for FICT PC fair. I was tasked to move PCs from local internet cafe (sponsor) to our event grounds.

2012 June - 21

People like cheap stuff – lelong time.

2012 June - 22

2012 June - 23

This semester is the most hectic semester ever, even though I’ve done a lot of preparation for the assignments and so.. I still feel like┬ábehind of the schedule!!!

2 thoughts on “2012 June”

  1. fabricerequin says:

    must be very busy then.
    Ah i cant get the fact that i missed out on AFAMy >.<

    lol will keep the moving table technique in mind for when i move XD

    1. John says:

      There’s still AFAID and AFA.. =D

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