2012 May

2012 May - 01

May is the month where marks the end of my internship as well as the beginning of my final year in UTAR.

The internship was a fruitful experience for me, other than real life experience on how a web development company works, I also had the chance to go for a business trip to Kota Kinabalu.

Will talk more about my internship in separate post.

2012 May - 02

Thanks to the team.

2012 May - 03

Set up a temporary base at my room during the break period before starting my final year.

2012 May - 04

Registered for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N5. The difficulty is from easiest N5 to hardest N1.

Not sure if I’m able to finish the lessons before heading for examination which fell on 1st of July.

Any of you taken JLPT?

2012 May - 05

Went to Tioman Island during the break.

It’s been ages since my last casual travel. Loads of photos waiting me to process… stay tuned for the Tioman Island post.

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