2012 September

2012 September - 01

Taking apart the cheaply built YES 4G dongle. I did dropped it a few times but it survived all those waist height drop. Until the warranty period ends it decide to not work anymore. Quite a number of users had the exact same problem where it do not respond even plugged in or dropping connection.

Prying open the snap-on case reveals the problem, the secondary PCB fell off from the socket. Luckily it was rather easy to fix.

By the way, why I’m so hyped in fixing all these stuff during the examination period? I guess stress is accumulating in me and I subconsciously¬†start to do other things.

2012 September - 02

Never ever buy any product that offers rubberized coating. It eventually melts and gone as nasty as you could imagine.

I’m trying to sad down that layer of stubborn coating.

2012 September - 03

A cat give birth to four kittens in our house!

2012 September - 04

The string broke…

2012 September - 05

My dog.

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