2012 Winter Anime Watchlist

2012 Winter Anime

We’re now in second week of the season, and I’m terribly late for the season’s anime watchlist.

As always, thanks to neregate for the chart. Click on the picture or link to visit his website to download full size chart.

From the chart, one could obviously notice the line up is kinda weak, that’s typical for Winter season. I’ve observed a similarity from previous seasons’ releases, the anime industry seems to following a certain release pattern:

  • Winter (Dec – Feb) Less popular series
  • Spring (March – May) Popular series
  • Summer (June – Aug) Less popular series
  • Autumn (Sept – Nov) Popular series

It’s like having a break in between the season to prepare for next hit release. Enough grandma nonsense.

Will watch:

Zero no Tsukaima F – After went silent for a few years, finally here comes the final season. Although I’m not a real fan of Zero no Tsukaima (ZnT) series, but I did watch the previous three seasons, and thanks to the second and third season, I think better of ZnT rather being a pointless boring series.

Nisemonogatari – Bakemonogatari still in my “To-watch list”, of course, Nisemonogatari will be too.

Another – Horror and suspense story? YES, because there weren’t much series of that genre. By the way, it looks promosing as well.

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – Other than serious stories, comedy / gag stories are my choise as well, because you don’t have to think of anything, just laugh. I want more Mitsudomoe.

Black Rock Shooter – The OVA was great, I wonder how the producers gonna pull the strings of this 8-episode series.

Might watch / In doubt:

Kyousogiga – No idea what the hell the synopsis trying to convey.

Kill Me Baby – Gag or rubbish, certain joke would be entertaining but once you went overboard, it became rubbish. That’s why I’m in doubt with this series even though I enjoy comedies.

Amagami SS+ – The girls are cute, I just can’t deny it. HOWEVER, the real problem is the male protagonist, he’s one of the weirdest harem guy with creepiest fetish.

High School DxD – Expect loads of boobs and nude action. Yeah, it’s a fan-service series, yet I couldn’t help myself to look forward to it because of sexy ladies + battle.

Senhime Zesshou Symphogear – Seriously, I suck at battle shoujo… Depend on how the story proceed, otherwise, I might drop this one.

Mouretsu Pirates – Bodacious Space Pirates? WTH? Have to watch how bodacious it is.

Brave10 – Shounen or Seinen.. Could be good thoo..

Ano Natsu de Matteru – It has been ages since I last watched a romance anime. Will give this series a go.


That pretty much sums up what I think of the titles of 2012 Winter anime series. How do you think of the season’s lineup?

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