2013 February

2013 February - 01

This has to be the most delayed post I’ve ever made throughout my blogging life.

I’m having my final semester and the schedule was hectic. Other than completing the project, I still have 3 other subjects that needs my attention.

Anyhow, I’ve submitted the final report and conducted the presentation and system demonstration. That pretty much sums up the assignments and all other stuff for the semester. What’s left are the papers in the coming 4 weeks.

2013 February - 02

went for a group photo-shoot with coursemates.

2013 February - 03

2013 February - 04

Chicken wingssss

2013 February - 05

Chinese New Year family gathering fest

2013 February - 06

2013 February - 07

2013 February - 08

Chinese New Year gatherings is always fun.

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