2013 May – Quick Singapore Trip

2013 May Singapore - 01

I visited Singapore twice previously, both trips were to attend anime conventions. My last schedules are quite tight hence I didn’t have chance to go around visiting the country.

But then this time, my friends and I received an interview offer from a company located in Singapore. Upon receiving the offer, I had second thoughts whether to accept or decline as it might affect my future career growth. In the end, I went ahead and accept the interview offer.

After the interview, since we still got half day left before our train leaves Singapore, so we decide to visit around the city.

2013 May Singapore - 02

You can’t miss the Merlion.

2013 May Singapore - 04

At Marina Barrage.

2013 May Singapore - 05

2013 May Singapore - 06

2013 May Singapore - 07

Night shot without tripod.

2013 May Singapore - 08

2013 May Singapore - 09

The trip is rather rushed as there was less than 7 days from receiving the interview offer letter to the actual interview date.

In the end, the company didn’t replied to our interview or email… sigh..

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