2014 April

2014 April - 01

Photo taken while having lunch with colleagues.

I admit that Lumi-chan is now collecting dust in my room.

That being said, all of the photos in this post are taken on Nexus 5.

2014 April - 02

Big chilli.

2014 April - 03

Have a plant at your workspace do boost your productivity given that it livens up your working environment.

2014 April - 04

This kind of email comes from time to time.

I’m now fully focus on my work and side project, rendering that I don’t have the luxury of having time to play desktop games anymore.

2014 April - 05

My first ever Starbucks in my lifetime.

The reason that I never had any Starbucks because I thought they are overpriced and overrated.

My conclusion after my first Frap? No. Starbucks ain’t for me.

2014 April - 06

Nice sunset.

2014 April - 07

Jaya Grocer sells tonnes of rare stuff.

2014 April - 08

Trying out the HDR mode and I’m kinda impressed with the outcome.

2014 April - 10

Farewell with a colleague.

2014 April - 09

First time having charcoal bun burger. All I can say is the bun is “denser” than what I expected. I don’t know if I’m using the correct description here, but I could feel the weight when I pick up the bun itself.

Forgot that someone also mentioned that charcoal bun has its pros…

3 thoughts on “2014 April”

  1. lucidlts says:

    Charcoal buns gives you dark release 😀

    1. John says:

      You bet!

  2. dorkvader says:

    never heard of a charcoal bun before, but based on your picture and the description, I’d say “denser” is the proper term.

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