2014 February

2014 February - 07

Still in Chinese New Year mode.

I can’t be late to post these monthly photo journals. I need to live up to my new year resolutions!

2014 February - 01

Power window broken and fixing it costs a bomb…

2014 February - 02

This panel is RM100.

2014 February - 03

Angpow for a better year ahead.

2014 February - 04

This year I had quite a few Lou Sang. The dish is called as Yee Sang, a noun, while the action of mixing the dish is “Yee Sang”, a verb. So, don’t be confused.

2014 February - 05

Lou Sang at company during Chap Goh Mei.

2014 February - 06

2014 February - 07

Company’s angpow.

2014 February - 08

Had my wisdom tooth extracted. I have to take porridge for a few days.

2014 February - 09

Something is going on?

2014 February - 10

Went to Doraemon Expo at Viva Home Mall. The expo features 100 Doraemon statues with his gadgets.

2014 February - 11

Tagged along with some friends.

2014 February - 12

Somehow I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of the statues, especially the mouths are not inked.

2014 February - 13

They even have the Nobita and Shizuka’s wedding scene. Again, they kinda lack of any facial expression that symbolizes happiness.

2014 February - 15

The props are good, I mean they’ve done a very good job on the gadgets and stuff. Although the mouthless Doraemons still bugs me.

Anyway, it was a great visit, and it certainly brought back a lot of my childhood memories when I go through the gadgets.

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