2014 March

2014 March - 05


March has come to and end, and I’m still trying to keep up with my job while working towards my future undertakings.

There’s still a lot of uncertainties here and there, but then I guess I have to put in extra efforts just to make ends meet.

2014 March - 04

We were greeted with hazy weather since the beginning of the month, thanks to forest fire at Indonesia.┬áThe haze is terrible and caused many to fall sick. This has being like a yearly occasion and I’m still wondering why any of their preventive steps ain’t working.

2014 March - 01

Framed this artwork which purchased back in Comic Fiesta 2013.

2014 March - 02

Got a pair of slippers for office use. I can’t stand wearing socks all day because it is way too uncomfortable.

I know that in order to be fair to all employees, even IT department have to follow the same formal attire rules for the whole company which includes sales and customer service department. But then again, it’s just not going to work for IT department.

2014 March - 03

Finally pulled the trigger and got myself the LG Nexus 5.

Awesome upgrade from HTC Incredible S.

2014 March - 06

This cat has been around my office lately. Not sure who’s the owner but I guess more kittens coming soon.

2014 March - 07

Sent in my M950 due to faulty button issue, then got back a brand new M950t as replacement.

2014 March - 08

Incredible S undergoing surgery to revert back to CyanVivo X Reborn (CM10) because the previous CyanVivo 10.2 was bugged by a serious battery drain issue. Imagine your phone could drain 20% of the battery in one night while in airplane mode!

Since the developer is doing this for nothing, there’s no point asking more other than wait him to resolve it, someday.

2014 March - 09

Goofing around.

2014 March - 10

The opposite mall is finally open. They have Starbucks and McDonald’s.

2014 March - 11

Karaoke session with fellow colleagues.

2014 March - 12

Lovely lady’s birthday.

2014 March - 13

More celebration outing.

2014 March - 14

It’s that time of the year again.

2014 March - 15

Ching Ming Festival.

2014 March - 16

Trying Photosphere feature.

2014 March - 17

Ah well…

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