2014 May

2014 May - 07

It’s that time of the month again for a series of boring photos which you don’t even care of.

2014 May - 01

Ordered a couple of Kensington trackball from TaoBao because Kensington Malaysia don’t even bother to bring in trackball into Malaysian market.

Probably Malaysians are strong supporter of mouse… Anyway, reviews coming soon.

2014 May - 02

Now they have Superman and Batman drinks!

2014 May - 03

More expensive caffeine  drinks.

2014 May - 04

Temporary workspace setup.

Was using desktop then, I’m downgraded upgraded to laptop.

2014 May - 05

Taking care of all the boxes and things that seems to be important.

2014 May - 06

I’ve been leaving my camera untouched for quite some time.

Only use it when snapping photos for product review. Still I’m thinking of upgrading, damn…

2014 May - 08

Trying out the fisheye mode on the Google Camera.

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