2014 November

2014 November - 04

November ended, in fact we’re getting so near to the end of December Orz…

Above photo taken at Ao Nang beach during my trip last month. Full post here.

2014 November - 01

I should have bought another starter pack so that at least I can duel with Ivy.

2014 November - 02

I’m surprised that the Main Place mall right in front of my workplace has this – Taiko no Tatsujin arcade game. Even awesome is it runs version 14.

This is a game similar to those dance dance revolution, but instead of stepping on the tiles, we hit the drum according to the score.

Extremely fun and entertaining game. Currently trying to overcome songs at Hard level with 4/10 star difficulty.

RM2 per person, max 4 song.

2014 November - 03

Serendah waterfall.

Nothing really special about the waterfall except that it is a fine place to picnic and taking a a refreshing dip.

2014 November - 05

Tyre puncture cause by a screw.

A quick and cheap fix though.

2014 November - 06

I’m shifting my focus from cycling to badminton instead.

I foresee that I won’t have much time to cycle. On top of that, cycling in Klang valley is not really a safe activity.

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