2014 October

2014 October - 02

October went by in a glimpse. This was suppose to be up last week but I’m spending my sweet time at Krabi, Thailand… ah well…

2014 October - 01

Ramune (れむね), a symbolic Japanese carbonated drink. Why I call it symbolic because it is widely consumed during summer festivals.

Tastes like 7-Up or Sprite but what makes it special is the way how you pops open the bottle.

2014 October - 02

Spent a wonderful weekend at Port Dickson.

2014 October - 03

The beach wasn’t that magnificent, but the environment is superbly peaceful and relaxing.

2014 October - 04

It was a hot bright afternoon, and the cat is chilling under the car.

2014 October - 06

Went for the Force of Will blogger event. Wonderful gameplay experience. Full post here.

2014 October - 07

Tasty cupcakes from colleague. Made to order by my friend’s GF.

2014 October - 08

I never really tried any of those health/activity tracking apps as most of them are really complicated and kills the battery life.

Downloaded Google Fit and gave it a shot.

Surprisingly informative though I’m still a bit doubtful about the collected data.

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