2015 Autumn Anime Watchlist

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Upon checking my history posts, I’m kind of shocked that I’ve been doing this seasonal anime watchlist thingy for full 6 years! WOW!

Even if no one actually reads my seasonal watchlist but I still do it anyway… Especially when most of the time, the titles that I had interest with would live in my HDD for the next few months before I have the time to watch them.

Putting all those aside, let’s move on with the watchlist for the upcoming season.



Ha, Bakemonogatari is still in my “Plan to watch” list.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans


A new Gundam series with not-so-conventional Gundam design.

Could this be another Turn A? I certainly hope it doesn’t go down the road as G-Reco. At least this is not directed by Tomino…

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