2015 December

201512 - 02

Hold your horses Hulk, December is coming to an end.

Before we proceed with the photos, firstly, I want to thank all my blog readers for your support, without you I won’t be writing at all. Secondly, I have to apologize if I ever offended you in any way.

Thank you, stay cool and welcome 2016.

201512 - 01

It’s Christmas season and we creatively built a low budget “Christmas tree”.

201512 - 03

Best weekend ahead?

201512 - 04

Went and tried the Tonkatsu restaurant in Main Place Mall.

It is surprisingly good.

201512 - 05

Chilling dog. And  sometimes she could be a nuisance to the neighbors by barking non-stop in the midnight.

201512 - 06

Low budget ghetto product photography for Tech-Critter editorial articles.

201512 - 07

Side alley.

201512 - 08

Departmental Christmas party + gift exchange.

This is my second year as the host for the event and I learn new things every single time.

201512 - 09

Went all out and ordered the usually-very-expensive unagi meal.

Wallet pain but that unagi is simply amazing.

201512 - 10

Comic Fiesta 2015.

201512 - 11

This year I tried to setup a mini studio at the photography area to photograph the cosplayers.

First time doing so and she’s the one who actually motivating me to take up the challenge.

201512 - 12

and the outcome, I still have a lot to learn.

Comic Fiesta 2015 Cosplay Day 1
Comic Fiesta 2015 Cosplay Day 2

201512 - 13

Ivy got a Nanoblock set from the gift exchange event.

I can see why they are so popular because they’re small and highly detailed.

201512 - 14

Christmas service.

201512 - 15

It has been a few months since I last went back to my hometown. Thanks to the hectic project schedule.

Sometimes it make me wonder why it has to make everyone’s life so difficult.

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