2015 June

2015 June - 02

Photo taken at the indoor sports centre of Malaysian Bible Seminary.

It was established in 1978 and you can obviously notice it from the retro style of the buildings and facilities.

2015 June - 03

The casette radio at the canteen of the seminary.

I’m amazed that they still kept them around. I wonder if it still works or not.

2015 June - 01

Taking apart a beaten up laptop to salvage any usable parts especially the memory and hard disk drive.

This particular Dell laptop is extremely troublesome to take apart, particularly when you’re trying to replace the HDD.

The laptop was given to me because the owner just left it around and has no intention to fix it after lightning strike killed it.

2015 June - 04

For some reason I can’t get the right white balance for this photo.

Guess I rely too much on the camera and Lightroom’s white balance settings.

2015 June - 05

It’s been quite some while since I last went to a wet market.

2015 June - 06

Been using the Mi Band for around 1 months.

It works well but not that impressive because of the wonky steps tracking. Hey, who walks 200+ steps at 1am?

But what else could I ask for as the Mi Band costs only RM60 while the other entry level fitness tracker easily starts from RM300+.

2015 June - 07

And all the hard disk drives I have….

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