2015 May

2015 May - 07

I had this post in my draft for almost a month.

One should never ever underestimate the force of procrastination.

2015 May - 01

The owner had decided to not continue the contract as he’s having other plans with the house. So we have to move out from the place where we stayed for almost 2 years…

It literally took us 3 days to complete the whole moving process.

2015 May - 02

To our new place.

2015 May - 03

We’re having a bookshelf for the first time.

The excitement of populating the shelf with books that we not going to read.

2015 May - 04

The dogs have mongolian tent.

2015 May - 05

I’m still lucky that I stayed so near to my office and I have precious night time at home.

What bothers me is why I’m still having so many delayed tasks in my to-do list.

2015 May - 06

Night light.

I have no problem sleeping either with lights on or off, but it’s always good to have night light… just in case.

2015 May - 08

The odd-eyed cat nearby my neighbourhood.

2015 May - 09

Did some cider shopping.

2015 May - 10

Badminton session as always.

2015 May - 11

Kind of surprised that the Gundam Model Kit contest is organizing at Main Place mall, just in front of my office building.

It reminds me of how much I loved Gunpla few years back then. I stopped collecting Gunpla after I’m 1 year into my degree course.

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