2015 November

201511 - 01

I am suppose to upload the December’s post today… Don’t worry, I’ll do both just to make sure things are done.

201511 - 02

All the blings.

These shops is maximizing the power of white LEDs.

201511 - 03

It has been quite some while since I last enjoyed a peaceful gaming session.

Old game by the way – Battlefield 3.

201511 - 04

This…tastes quite weird I must say.

I like beers, ciders and wines, but I’m not really fond of other types of alcoholic drinks.

201511 - 05

Finally got myself a flashgun.

201511 - 06

When their master arrives home.

201511 - 07

Dinner after badminton.

201511 - 08

I do notice I start to take a lot more photos after I began actively reviewing mobile phones.

It intrigues me that how each and every phone has their “personal touch” to the final JPG images.

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