2015 Summer Anime Watchlist

2015 Summer Anime List

Check out MyAnimeList’s 2015 Summer anime list.

On a side note, I’ve been linking Promotion Videos (PVs) from YouTube for each series that I’m interested in for the past few Anime Watchlist posts. You know, PVs are much better than boring synopsis, so that all of you could have a better understanding on what kind of anime I’m talking about.┬áBut then, some of those PVs uploaded by non-official accounts are slowly removed one by one. I must say, WOW! They’re cracking hard on this one, even PVs are not exempted.

Non Non Biyori Repeat


Sequel of Non Non Biyori.

Staying on top of my seasonal watch list is Non Non Biyori Repeat.

The previous season was a great series with light-hearted storyline. Best watch after a day of hard work.



Sequel of Working!!

Yet another slice-of-life genre anime which I enjoyed a lot.

I can’t recall how the story ended previously, but since it is a not-so-serious type of anime, I guess everything will work out.

Durarara!!x2 Ten


Sequel of Durarara!!x2

No comment on this one as I’ve yet watch the first and second season of it.


Surprise 1!

Only 3 series made into my watch list for this season.

Surprise 2!

All of them are sequels! Come on Japanimation industry, show me something!

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