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At Work

At Work [2015 Jan 23]
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3
12.8mm (60mm equiv.), 1/8 sec at f/2.8, ISO 80, RAW
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Week 4 of 52

I’m now at the end of the 4th week. 1 photo per week is not a tough task, but slowly I’m facing a struggle in order to produce enough images that could at least allow some of them to made it through the selection at the end of the week. Why? 7 days is plenty for anyone to produce a huge number of photographs, so obviously the reason of taking less photo is because of the photographer himself.

Then I came to a few possible reasons after a quick self reflection:

  • Lack of theme

One thing that I’m concerned of is due to the freedom to photograph “anything” and that “anything” could possible make it to my blog at the end of the week. Shooting without a theme is just like driving a car without having a destination. Yes, you are moving but you’re going randomly. I should revise my plan so that I focus on one single theme for a week.

  • I’m the type that used to shoot events instead of daily life.

I don’t know… but I have this kind of habit that I’ll feast my eyes first before my camera. for example, the food, I’m totally opposite from what other Asians do. They would feed their Instagram first while I started enjoying my meal. Not sure if it is due to the fact that I’ve kept my camera at home for most of the time, hence making a habit that prefer to experience my daily life with my own eyes instead through the lens.

That’s why most of the time my random snapshots are so horrible to the eyes.

  • I lack of the eye of photography as well as creativity.

Photography is an art that you can even create something amazing out of your daily boring stuff. Despite that most of us are tied to our office chair for 9+ hours a day, but that is just a blatant excuse. So what else I could blame for? lack of eye of photography? lack of sense of creativity? If it is true, I better off spend more time on polishing my photographic eyes.

  • I’m just lazy to pull out my camera.

Ah well…

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