After July Monthly Test

Few post before, I said that I’m determined to study hard for these few months before SPM. But, before facing SPM, I have to face July monthly test and SPM trial exam. So, instead of studying alone, I invited PeiFeng, ChoonYong, HwaZien and JuShuen to study with me. Don’t you think that group studying is more fun and effective than studying alone?

Photo of PeiFeng and ChoonYong (holding highlight pen) studying on my bed… yah.. my room is small…

They agreed with my idea… wow.. usually they will agree with: “Hey, go cosplay..” Don’t think that we only go Cosplay play oni.. We also do group study. hehe

Thanks to my friends, my results for the monthly test surprised me… increased 40-50% than usual… of course, their results also increased…

I’m planning to continue this study group project… to save PeiFeng and ChoonYong. lol..

and… messy table…

so, how was your result for July monthly test?

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