Fate T. Harlaown -True Sonic Form- by ALTER

Fate T. Harlaown -True Sonic Form-

Scale: 1/7

Manufacturer: ALTER

Producer: Hiroyuki Tsumeduka

Original: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

Release Date: August 2009

Retail Price: 12,800yen

Information from:

Okay folks, today what we have here is a 1/7 scaled Fate T. Harlaown PVC figure by ALTER. There’s no need for me to tell you guys that this is a GORGEOUS figure. Even a newbie otaku could tell me that Fate T. Harlaown rocks!!

From what we noticed recently, figure makers starts to produce those kick *ss figures in 1/7 scale… which is bigger the size and higher the price tag… are they did this purposely?…

Enough ranting… lets look at the photos below… click to enlarge…

Checkpoint* checkout her dynamic pose, feel the speed and power.

Checkpoint* Her hair is nicely sculpted, it just looks so natural and wonderful. This is one of the factor that why I like this figure.

Checkpoint* picture below, she’s gonna take a large space… prepare a room for her if you’re planning to get her. (still looking at her hair)

Checkpoint* Bardiche Assault in both forms, Twin Riot Blade and Riot Zanber. Take note that Twin Riot Blade is 270mm in length while Riot Zanber is enormous 560mm length…

To be frank, I like this figure very much. If possible I would like her to be displayed on my PC tower. However, she retails for 12,800yen, which I only can right click and save her photos in my hard disk. T.T

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