Amagami SS First Impression

Amagami SS - 01

Because this screenshot is too nice, so I make it as the header photo for this post.

I’m millions years late for posting first impression on the 2010 Summer anime, but why not doing it now before it’s too late.. (do check out my summer anime watchlist.)

Starting off with Amagami SS, based on a PlayStation2 dating game featuring six different girls. Which means another romance anime. (Yeah yeah, I admit that I enjoy watching romance anime.) The story is about our male protagonist, Tachibana Junichi who got his heart broken by a girl two years ago, and now he’s trying to recover the feelings that he lost.

Unlike any other dating sim adaptation which would focus on one female protagonist until the very end, however, this 24 episode series will be arranged in an omnibus format. This means each heroine gets 4 episodes of screen time, and after ones arc ends, the story reboots and move on to another girl’s arc.

(screenshot above is the first arc’s heroine – Morishima Haruka, a popular girl in her school.)

Amagami SS - 02

Even though we’re focused on one girl.. but the other characters are still around serve as supporting characters.

Here’s another heroine – Tanamachi Kaoru, Junichi’s childhood friend.

Well.. I didn’t took any screenshot of our male protagonist.

Amagami SS - 03

Third girl – Nakata Sae, a first year student. Junichi’s sister, Tachibana Miya’s friend.

I only have this screenshot of the back of Junichi.

Amagami SS - 04

Sakurai Rihoko, Junichi’s childhood friend. (She’s kinda chubby)

Amagami SS - 05

Fifth girl – Ayatsuji Tsukasa, the class representative.

There’s another girl, Nanasaki Ai, who didn’t introduced in the first episode. I assume that she’ll get her screen time on episode 2.

Anyway, the series left quite a good impression on me. Even though it might seems to be unrealistic.. Junichi confessed in the first episode..

But anyway, I enjoyed the episode.. and this series is now officially in my watchlist.

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