Angel Beats! Episode 07 Alive

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 01

After my last post of Angel Beats!, yeah.. lots of complains.. So, I decided not to rant about it anymore and enjoy it instead.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 02

Surprisingly that Naoi didn’t disappeared during last episode… In fact that he joined SSS, and he acts like Otonashi’s attendant.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 03

Uh, so Yuri asked Naoi to use his hypnosis ability to recall Otonashi’s memory.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 04

“I command you to follow my orders.”

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 05

I never expect the episode would be about Otonashi’s past..

Otonashi had a younger sister, Otonashi Hatsune. While living without any purpose, he only cares about his little sister, who’s sick and stayed in hospital for years.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 06

On Christmas night, he sneaked his sister out of hospital… and sadly… uh you know, she died.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 07

After his siter’s death, he found he just lost his only purpose of living… Which he never thought of…

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 08

Until one day, he saw a girl thanking a nurse for taking care of her… This scene triggered his thought, that he might still be able to find his purpose of life.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 09

To become a doctor? Anyway, he wanted to be able to help others…

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 10

He studied hard and worked hard to achieve his dream.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 11

His hard work finally showed some result, he was enrolled into a University.

Unveiled Otonashi’s full name – Otonashi Yuzuru. I’ll call him Otonashi for the mean time.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 12

But a train accident brought everything to end…

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 13

Yeah… If life were to end in that way… I would.. grrrr

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 14

After calming down… err well, next up, new operation – Operation Monster Stream. Sounds cool for fishing operation.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 15

On their way to the river, Otonashi stumbled across Kanade, gardening(?)

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 16

and he invited her along.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 17

What’s this… They’re resisting Kanade but accept Naoi so easily?

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 18

Then they reached the river.. and we’re introduced another new character, Saitou, or called as Fish Saitou, a fishing maniac.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 19

Cool HUH.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 20

and he prepared all the tools.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 21

Shiina only needs shuriken to fish.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 22

Of course Otonashi trying to get along with Kanade, teaching her how to fish.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 23

that’s gonna hurt…

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 24

Let’s have another go.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 25

Kanade’s passive mode Overdrive skill sent Takeyama flying.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 26

What’s next… The so called monster stream which appeared to be the river’s guardian(?)

My guess is that, God made the huge fish to guard the river and scare the students, so that the students will not go play around the river and obey to the world’s law, become good student, then find peace. LOL?

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 27


Angel Beats! Episode07 - 28

Kanade uses her “power jump”, now everyone are flying.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 29

But it seems that they gonna become the fish’s meal instead.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 30

Sensing the danger, Kanade uses Harmonics… Did she really became two individuals after using the skill?

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 31

Nice feast.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 32

Since the fish is too much for them, they decided to serve it and share with other students.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 33

Yeah, Kanade is cute. chop chop chop chop

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 34

Yuri had been not around all the time after they caught the fish, later on, she came back with injuries.

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 35

Now what… another Kanade’s clone?

Kanade’s Harmonic’s side effect??

Angel Beats! Episode07 - 36

No, I prefer Kanade with golden eyes. Red is too much after Naoi’s hypnosis eye.

“Who are they fighting with?”, is the question.

After last episode, their new enemy, Naoi is now one of their members. SSS is practically losing its importance… Anyway, the appearance of new enemy do brought some impact over here, and lots of question marks too… Let see what’s gonna be next week.

Almost forgot about Otonashi’s memory. Dude, that chap has one hellish past. Imagine that you just found your purpose of living and then God decide to take it away from you. How cruel is that…

4 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 07 Alive”

  1. Fabrice says:

    Haha T.K is hilarious XD
    with the fishing part. that will last me a year supply if i can manage to fit all this in a freezer lol
    anyway loved this episode, more drama!!

  2. Vivien says:

    Anyone noticed that this girl Otonashi saw in the hospital looks like Yuri?
    Aw, I want more screentime for Shiina. She’s the coolest. ^^
    [Sorry for my bad english, I’m german. ^^]

    1. John says:

      Found another Shiina lover. ^^

      It’s all right, cause myself is not a native english speaker too. [I’m Malaysian-Chinese.]

      1. Vivien says:

        Yeah, I LOVE Shiina! <33
        Aww, I really hope they will make an episode about her past or something. Well, I think there will be a second season, Angel Beats is really popular in Japan, isn't it? And there are just 12 episodes, but they could make another season only with the pasts of the members of SSS, I would love that. ^-^ Well, I would even love Filler-episodes. xD
        Ah, I talk too much, again. ^^

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