Angel Beats! Episode 08 Dancer in the Dark

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 01

Time flies, I thought I just wrote Angel Beats! 7th’s episode review yesterday…

Last episode ends with the appearance of the red-eyed-evil-Kanade’s clone is really striking. Hell yeah with this kind of plot twist. Enough babbling, lets move on to the episode review.

Spoilers Alert* Do not continue reading if you don’t want to spoil the fun of watching the episode yourself.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 02

Red-eyed Kanade is fine too. (I’ll called her Kanade’s clone, from now on.)

New appearances always likes to stand on a tall place…

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 03

Okay, continue from last episode, that Yuri got owned by Kanade’s clone.

Screenshot is showing Kanade X Clone. It seems that Kanade was unable to stop her own clone other than fighting her.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 04

The result, double KO. SSS had a emergency meeting to discuss how to counter the aggresive the clones.

So, it seems that when Kanade uses her Harmonics skill to kill the big fish, she over-programmed the clone… thus the clones are acting more aggresive and blood-thirsty.

In order not to being harmed by the clones, for the time being they’ll just pretend to following the rules.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 05

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 06

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 07

Nice one, I like this.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 08

New monster?

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 09

Nice piece of art.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 10

That’s what he only can do.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 11

See his body size…

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 12

You couldn’t see much from this pic, however as expected from TK, he can’t stop moving his body.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 13

Shiina is learning psychic?

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 14


Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 15

Meanwhile, Yuri is fiddling with Kanade’s “Angelplayer” program… She trying to figure out how to deal with the clones by studying the nature of Harmonics.

She found out that there’s a skill called “Absorb”, which is used to recover the clones… But why Kanade didn’t used it in the first place? Mis-programmed? too aggresive thus rejected? or Kanade herself refuse to use?

Anyway, she altered something to the program… When Kanade activates Harmonics, Absorb skill will automatically activated after 10seconds.

PS* I have no idea what the heck is that “Angelplayer” program… Where did Kanade get the program? God gave her? or the person holding the program plays the Angel character?

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 16

The case got worst, Kanade was kidnapped by her clones… O.o

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 17

Seems the clones hide Kanade in the Guild which they blown up last time… so once again, they’re moving down to Guild.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 18

But, everything just got worst… There’s more clones now.. and once again, Noda is the first one to be killed.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 19

Fighting with the clones are much harder than fighting Kanade..  and Matsushita 5-dan sacrificed himself to hold down a clone so the members could pass safely.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 20

TK is the man. He’s so cool with his words.

“It’s my turn, Get chance and luck.” *Runs towards the clone*

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 21

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 22

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 23

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 24

His death is epic…

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 25

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 26

Yui’s death… is worthless…

Oh, I forgot about Naoi… but fine…

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 27

They reached the core and the first clone came to them… and she uses “Howling”… a new skill that Yuri saw in the program just now…

The skill creates super sonic sound waves by clashing both hand sonic to take down enemies…

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 28

But since Yuri has discovered the secret behind of the skill, thus she’s prepared with ear plugs..

Thanks to that she was able to defeat the clone.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 29

Otonashi found Kanade and asked her to activate Harmonics once again.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 30

The skill creates another clone, but this time the clone is much neutral.

She told Otonashi about absorbing all the clones means absorbing each clone’s personality… What the…

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 31

Since she had already activated the skill… there’s no return anymore. Kanade is kinda suffered when all her clones coming back to her.

Angel Beats! Episode 08 - 32

This episode is great, I enjoyed a lot, especially the sacrificing pawns part… I loled so hard that my housemate thought I’m crazy.

Not to forget about the details of Kanade’s skill.. which gave lots of questions marks on my head… I want to know more about Kanade.

So what’s gonna happen next…How do you think about it..

3 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Episode 08 Dancer in the Dark”

  1. Kairu90 says:

    This was one of my favorite episodes so far to be honest. Partly because it took me 7 tries to watch it completely on my crap internet. Loved the part with TK “Get chance and Luck!”…..epic lol. I hope they do not give us some sad backstory on him. That would ruin him as a comic relief I think.

    Other than that, the ending of this episode left me in awe. I am worried about Kanade =/

    1. John says:

      Yeah.. the story development is great and unpredictable.. Now I don’t care anything anymore and just enjoy the surprises prepared by Maeda.

  2. Fabrice says:

    Yup so much drama which was great but
    feel bad for kanade..

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