Anime Festival Asia Malaysia Preview


Brief Intro

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is Southeast Asia’s biggest showcase of the latest Japanese popular culture and anime contents. Previously, AFA was organized at Singapore annually since 2008 This year, for the very first time, AFA is coming to Malaysia – Anime Festival Asia Malaysia (AFAMY).

More Intro

Of course the core AFA will still be held at Singapore as AFAMY is just a satellite event that takes place at surrounding countries.

Nonetheless, here’s the official AFAMY 2012 Soundtrack – Baby Maniacs by Hatsune Miku (Hachioji P)

Experience Zones

I love Anisong – Super Anisong Genki Live!!


2 rounds of Anisong concert featuring:


Day 1: Kurosaki Maon, Kalafina, and Aimi


Day 2: FLOW, KOTOKO, and Sea☆A

Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe


Moe Moe maid serving and empowering your meals.

Atelier Royale Butler Cafe


For girls, AFAMY has a butler cafe.



Moekana, a set of cards that teaches basic Japanese syllables and symbols, perfect for beginner Japanese learners. The cards can be used in a game that players compete to create as many words as possible.

AFAMY will be hosting a Moekana card game competition.

AFA Regional Cosplay Championship


Top cosplayers gather to compete who will be representing Malaysia to take part in the AFA RCC 2012, Singapore.

Special Guest


President of Production I.G, shares his experience and insights in creating success in the global animation industry.

His notable works include “GHOST IN THE SHELL”, “Innocence” and “BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE”.


Famous anime producer shares his experience in creating titles that touched the hearts of many.

Before joining Production I.G, he was working in Studio Ghibli, assuming the role as assistant producer for titles such as “Spirited Away”, ” The Cat Returns” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”.

More titles produced under his name after he joined Production I.G, for instance, “Eden of the East” and “Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Solid State Society.


SP Cats cosplay team from Korea will be attending AFAMY as event’s guests.

Leader of the group – Tasha.


Miyuko is the youngest member of SP Cats and one of the most famous member in the cosplay community.


Celebrity cosplayer Kaname☆ is currently the Cosplay Ambassador for Anime Festival Asia. Checkout his amazing cosplay exclusively at AFAMY.


Internet’s most respected bloggers of Japanese Pop Culture – Danny Choo, also CEO for Mirai Inc., responsible for everything of the company, including toilet cleaning (source: Danny himself). He also produces and hosts Culture Japan, a weekly TV program that introduces Japanese Culture.

Event Guide

afamy events


Entrance Ticket:

Festival Access –> RM15 per day *does not grant access to stage activities and I LOVE ANISONG concert
Festival + Stage Access –> RM30 per day *does not grant access to I LOVE ANISONG concert

Concert Ticket or more information, visit AFAMY ticketing page.

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