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Today I’ll be talking about something that went REALLY HOT on facebook these days, about the news of a youth who committed suicide because his girlfriend broke up with him.

Okay, once again… Facebook took part in someone’s affair…

For those who have no idea on this issue – a short news report here. Read more HERE.

Before he jump from the 14th floor of an apartment, he left his last message on facebook. Fellow netizens tried to persuade him not to do so but he still…

After his death, he became so famous on facebook. You could find all sorts of R.I.P. pages for him, even named him as “Romeo of the East”. Not to forget the hater pages, those who criticizes his wrongdoing.

I have no idea what are those people thinking by branding he as a hero, furthermore, trying to promote his case to others by spamming the fb wall with his related news/videos/notes… Some even commented that he’s such a romanticist for doing so.

Bullsh!t, his action is such a bad example for the society, especially for those whose currently facing the same problem right now.

To everyone out there, committing suicide is not the solution.

You decide to end your life for a girl? You might think that jumping off a building is easy for you, but have you ever think of your closed ones? Your parents? Your relatives? Your friends? and most important, your girlfriend?

Oh yeah, don’t forget the paramedics and other emergency bodies. You just made their job nastier, instead of saving accident victims.

Btw, for fellow netizens out there, stop linking this kind of negative news anymore. Internet is such a scary propaganda tool, are you trying to start a mass suicide case?

2 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Life”

  1. MikeD says:

    This is truly saddening. At 22 you still have your whole
    life ahead of you. As you mention John, what of the
    parents, family and friends of this young man? He’s
    just put some serious cracks in their lives if not
    outright destroying them.
    I feel so bad for the parents. How do you survive the
    death of your child?
    There is so much more that I could say but I have
    trouble expressing myself on something like this.

  2. MikeD says:

    BTW John, how’s your friend doing? You can email me if
    you want to keep it private.

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