Buddy by ALTER

Alter Buddy - 01


Scale: 1/8

Sculpter: Otoyama Houjun

Manufacturer: Alter

Original: Voices From Har Megiddo

Release Date: 2010 October

Retail Price: 7800yen

Information from: HobbySearch

No, I have no idea who she is… and how her personality are…

I only know she’s a character from an eroge – Voices From Har Megiddo.

But there’s still another thing that I’m very sure of – She looks awesomely cool.

Alter Buddy - 03

I sucks when it comes to cool girls, long haired, armed with weapons… =.=

Alter Buddy - 04

Love her dress design..

Alter Buddy - 05

her hair is so adorable, love the spiral like part and the ribbon

Alter Buddy - 06

Alter Buddy - 07

Cool gals are COOL.

Alter Buddy - 08

Alter Buddy - 09

I know I’m pretty much dried up already… and today I just received the broadband bill and water bill… shyt!!!..


4 thoughts on “Buddy by ALTER”

  1. Mike D says:

    Very nice. It all looks great, and the face is gorgeous.
    Wish I could afford it.

  2. Kairu90 says:

    Awesome figure. I love her weapon and dress. I wouldn’t mind picking this up if I had the money for it. Too bad I just had some bills hit me also >.<

  3. Otaku says:

    Awesome figure. I like the weapon and pink hair.

  4. Banny says:

    Just bought it today.

    Looks amazing!
    Reminds me of my Kanu Unchou figure as well. Just with different hair colour…

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