Bon Odori 2015

Bon Odori 2015 - 01

At Japan, Bon Odori (Obon or Bon) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. In Malaysia however, the celebration is more associated with Japanese culture instead of Buddhism.

This would be my third time attending the celebration after my very first Obon experience back in year 2013. Same as past years, the event was held at Kompleks Sukan Shah Alam. Not the most driver friendly place at all, cause looking for the parking and walking to the venue a nightmare. Recommended to come early or take public transports.

Bon Odori 2015 - 02

My first visit 3 years ago was an coincidence… I was scrolling through Facebook feed as usual and suddenly noticed a post by Sushi King’s page – “See you later at Bon Odori.”

Opens a new tab, Googled “Bon Odori Malaysia”, jot down the event details and off I go to Obon.

All the wonderful experience I gained that time has been the reason why I’ve been attending the event for the third year.

Bon Odori 2015 - 03

Last year and this year however, has not been perfect due to the rainy whether. Despite so, it still couldn’t stop the crowd from attending the event. Some of them even dance with umbrellas or wearing raincoats.

I’ll leave you guys with the photos I taken during the event.

Bon Odori 2015 - 04

Bon Odori 2015 - 05

Bon Odori 2015 - 06

Bon Odori 2015 - 07

Bon Odori 2015 - 08

Bon Odori 2015 - 09

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