Chinese New Year Visits

New Year Visiting - 03

Was organizing my photos just now and found that I took these photos during Chinese New Year visiting.

Have to post them up before I forgot about it.

New Year Visiting - 01

It is a tradition to visit our relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. There’s even more joy for juniors such as kids or us, youngsters, because the seniors would give red packets as custom.

New Year Visiting - 03

Ever since my secondary school period, I started to visiting our friends. We’re being so called the “Daylight Robbers” cause we go visiting around just for the red packets.

New Year Visiting - 04

Soon, after graduated from secondary school, all of us got separated to pursues our target. Hence, New Year visit became the only chance for us to meet some of our friends.

New Year Visiting - 05

Time passes, and I still remember there are some friends that I last met them was last year’s new year visit. Some even 2years…

New Year Visiting - 06

To being able to see them around is great, nothing beats meeting old friends and talk about the past, present and future…

New Year Visiting - 07

New Year Visiting - 08

New Year Visiting - 10

There’s only few photos cause I’ve being busy chatting with my friends.

Perhaps this wouldn’t last long, but still hope to meet them again next year…

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