Sorry for the late update, it has being a busy week because of my mid-term test, and there’s another test tomorrow though, Anyway here’s comes the BIG news.

Last week, Danny announced that his new anime company – MIRAI FUSION, is working on its very first anime title, “Chinka” (鎮火), which means “put out a fire”.

This is a great news from Mr. Danny who I respect the most. His passion towards the Japanese Pop Culture had lead him to success and now he gathered all the talented people he befriend and started a new step in the anime industry.


Since a few years ago, there have been many cases of arson.
In the rural town of Kiyotaki, situated in a beautiful mountain valley, the town folks are talking about the legendary arsonist, Akaneko [赤猫].
The police have completely given up on Akaneko, who has slipped through their fingers every time.
The town’s only hope is its one and only firefighting team – the Mizuneko [水猫] Fire Brigade. But because of their destructive fire fighting ways, they too are feared by the town folk. Almost every night, Akaneko and the Mizuneko Fire Brigade fight fiercely, taking down many of the town’s buildings in the process. The Mizuneko Fire Brigade have depleted most of the town’s financial resources so the town ends up on the verge of bankruptcy. The town was in a critical state when Chinka, a girl with a superhuman ability to smell out fires appears. With her powers, the Mizuneko Fire Brigade close in on the true identity of Akaneko…

Press Release

MIRAI FUSION launches its long-awaited first anime project!
The original animation from HIBUSE will be finally unveiled after a long two-year wait since the conception of the story. The unique and intriguing characters and the artfully written scenario will extinguish the moe anime fever! This commemorative first anime has been developed by Danny Choo and his anime production company, “MIRAI FUSION.”Firefighting action animation!
A breathtaking chase involving the two-wheeled firefighting chopper, “Mist Dragon”!
Mechanical wonder of Mikoto’s “Dragon Breath”, a monstrous high pressure pump!
A sight-to-see firefighting action with Megumi and Tatsugoro Shinmon!
Chinka’s clumsy scenes!
Chinka is packed with exciting firefighting scenes pivotal to the story, which are true-to-life representations of real firefighting action – a must-see for anime fans and firefighting manias alike. We’ve obsessed over even the tiniest details, and now this action-packed, humongous project is about to begin!

Update – The PV for the anime has just uploaded to youtube.

From all those provided sneak peaks and synopsis, I think this would be an educational, moe and action anime. The reason that I think it would be educational because Danny mentioned that MIRAI FUSION is working with the Japanese Fire Department.

Certainly I do aware that MIRAI FUSION is a new animation production studio, thus people are going to compare their production quality with other studios. I can’t guarantee the very best from them, but I’m looking forward for more updates from MIRAI FUSION on Chinka.

more information:

Official Site
Chinka related post by Danny

Furthermore, Danny’s latest update reveals that MIRIA FUSION is working on another title too, which is still kept secret.

The hairstyle resembles Miria a lot… hmm…

2 thoughts on “Chinka by MIRAI FUSION”

  1. Fabrice says:

    I am somewhat skeptic on this. Setting up 4 moe characters as the leading team obviously means that the producers are trying to ‘play it safe’. Which leads me to assume that there’ll probably be nothing new or original to be expected. But its very existence is really interesting already so I’m keeping an eye on it.

    1. John says:

      Agreed, btw, as seen from the PV, the production seems to be quite flashy…

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