Cooler Master Centurion5


Project DR’s first item to arrive is the casing, the Cooler Master Centurion5 mid tower casing with Cooler Master Extreme Power 500W power supply. The name – Centurion, is refer to the ancient Roman army officer who command around 80-100 men troop/company.

Decided to get this case as it is affordable and comes with a power supply, which I don’t need to get another. Well, another reason is that my client stated that he/she don’t need a fancy case.


The box design is rather simple yet informative. Front with the photo of the case’s front panel and simple introduction of the case.


Back is the features of the case.


Specification of Centurion5.


I was planning to take the black version, but too bad that they’re out of stock. Thus Silver become the second choice.


Taking the case out of the box.


The front panel is fully metal mesh bezel. This improves the airflow of the casing. Take note that the bezel are included with air filter to reduce the dust entering the case. Although the design is simple but it looks extremely great with the silver side + metal mesh bezel combination.


With transparent side panel but no ventilations, whats more you can ask from a budget case.


Another side has nothing, means no ventilation slots too. So the airflow of the case is being designed to flow directly from front to back.


Back of the case. Given a standard I/O shield, 500W power supply and a 120mm fan.


Under the case. It has four rubber feet to avoid scratching your table or floor.


Power LED, HDD activity LED, reset button, power button, and the Centurion5 emblem.


The front control panel also includes 2 USB 2.0 ports, mic & headset port, and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port for easy access.


Here’s what included the casing itself, power supply, fans, cable, user manual, and screws…


Take a look at the inner part of the case. It could fit a standard ATX motherboard which is really sufficient for us normal users already. With seven expansion slots is more than enough. The 120mm fan serve as the exhaust fan to take out hot air from the CPU heatsink.


The Cooler Master Extreme Power 500W power supply.


Tool-less design – to lock your graphic cards & expansion cards without any screws… Well, I prefer using screws though..


Another tool-less design. Five external 5.25″ drive bays, One external 3.5″ drive bay and Four internal 3.5″ drive bays.


Two fans are included with the case. The 120mm fan at the back.


And a 80mm fan at the front bottom, right behind the front control panel. By default the 80mm fan serve to intake cool air into the case while the 120mm exhaust the hot air out of the case.


The front panel can be removed for installing the external 5.25″ drive or 3.5″ drive.


The exposed front control panel.


The back of the panel are fully equipped with air filter, even the drive bay covers.


The filter is easily removable for cleaning purpose.

Open Box Impression


  • Full metal mesh bezel at the front with air filters
  • Affordable price – MYR299.00
  • Included 500W power supply
  • Included one 80mm fan and one 120mm fan
  • Good looking
  • Adequate working space
  • With transparent side panel
  • Tool-Free design
  • Lots of drive bays – more than enough


  • No handle bars or whatever (transport problem)
  • Poor cable management design
  • No additional hole behind the processor at the motherboard tray for extended heatsink bracket

The above pros and cons are based on the viewpoint of a NORMAL consumer.^^ so as concluded, I’m giving this casing a nice 7/10 points.

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