Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Casing (Open Box)

This casing was arrived last week… but due to my mid term exam, this post is delayed..

Chosen Cooler Master’s casing because of their quality, design and the most important aspect, price.

Included bunch of accessories…

Removed both side panels.

Interior view

It got 3 fans – 2x 120mm + 1x 140mm

Drive bays with custom lock(?)… having some hard time to discover how it works…

Front panel

Top view

Overall, the design is very nice. Fully meshed front panel to increase the air flow.

Stealthy looks and cool.

3 thoughts on “Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Casing (Open Box)”

  1. Dalton! says:

    Wahaha nice scout, I’m using a sniper. I guess great people have same taste lol

    1. John says:

      and I guess you’re rich too… let me know ur rig’s tech spec. ^^ interested.

  2. elliott says:

    Would you be able to get picture of wiring from the none window side showing the connection of fans in there correct places. I cannot find any available help I can understand on the web . This is my first build and a picture seems to show sence. Everyone on the web would love a picture of it to .

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