Dead Master -original version- by Good Smile Company

Dead Master -original version- - 01

Deadmaster -original version-

Scale: 1/8

Sculpter: Hiro

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company


Release Date: 2010 November

Retail Price: 9800yen (incl. tax)

Information from:

Black Rock Shooter fever!!!

After the release of Black Rock Shooter original version, here comes her rival, Dead Master.

GSC will release this baby in November 2010, pre-order has started since 22nd June.

Dead Master -original version- - 02

Absolutely gorgeous.. the sculpt work is simply amazing. Love her scythe, damn cool.

The skull on her hand looks like glowing.. is it the paint work or the use of glowing material…

Dead Master -original version- - 03

Do notice there’s a pair of wings on her back.

Dead Master -original version- - 04

The skull can be replaced with included chain.

Dead Master -original version- - 05

Or just remove all the accessories from her.

Dead Master -original version- - 06


Dead Master -original version- - 07

If I own the Black Rock Shooter -original version- I’ll definitely get this to complete the pair.

I do heard of the reissue of Black Rock Shooter -original version-… However, it’s impossible for me to get that amount of money to fund for both… T.T

Anyone getting this?

4 thoughts on “Dead Master -original version- by Good Smile Company”

  1. Kairu90 says:

    I like the original BRS better, so I am probably going to buy the re issue of that figure since I missed out on it the first time. This one….hmmm…if I had the funds I would definitely get it for the set, but ehh you know how that goes lol.

  2. Otaku says:

    I like the skull. The figure also looks very detailed 🙂

  3. Fabrice says:

    Same i like the skull as well, the whole figure looks nice, but i have to say no… D: i dont have the money now >.<

  4. John says:

    Everyone likes the skull LOL^^

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